Soul, Funk, Rock & Blues

Highway to hell (Funked up version)

In January 2019, with new bass player recruited, we headed to a very cold Cambridgeshire farm (Fred’s place). We hadn’t planned on shooting on the coldest day of the winter, or the Minus 6C temperature we encountered first thing that morning. But we had a little fun with a cheap camera and shot our first official promo video for a track we’d recorded in Tony’s home studio.

End of the YEar at the Fox - the 2018 All star jam

Some video from the end of the year show at Heacham. This is the first footage of the band to feature our new Bass Player, Tim Nesbitt. Bit of an unusual night to throw Tim into with several different guitarists coming into the line up, but he grabbed the bull by the horns and got stuck in well. Hope you enjoy these.

First 'Live' Rehearsal - Crystal Sound - July 2017

After two afternoons at Fred's house, choosing songs and jamming through arrangements with a stripped down rig and electronic drums, we decided that we needed to see if we really 'had something'. Over the years, I've found that the best way to find out is to record it, and see if it works. The camera never lies.

So we went to Crystal Sound Studios and booked an afternoon with Jack Murphy engineering. We set up a couple of video cameras and just recorded two hours of rehearsal. It was the first test, but we were happy enough that we decided to go back to the studio and clean up the audio for release. The video isn't perfect, I have lyrics and arrangements lying on the top of the Hammond. But all the playing is live, so it's a good record of how we were as we were finding our way with the project.

There's some photography on the video too - thanks to Vicky Silver for braving the live room (with the big ear defenders) and getting some great shots.


Groove Organic 'All Star' Jam - Heacham 2017

Every year, my former 'local' the Fox & Hounds at Heacham, hold a jam session to end the Friday night gigs for the year. This year, their regular backline band was unavailable, but at short notice we put a little something together. Danny Coyle, our regular bassist was also unavailable, so Paul Ketteringham stepped in. Rather than host an open Jam session, we called up some old friends to come and sit in with us. This is part of the reason we don't have a permanent guitarist, because we have so many peers who are great guitarists, friends we have shared a circuit with for over 20 years in come cases, that we'd like to be able to jam with.

So this was a golden opportunity to have some fun. It's totally unrehearsed - the guitarists all chose songs to bring in from a list we sent out only a few days before the gig. But everybody worked really hard to come in and make a great night of it, and luckily we have some footage that was usable from a small camera propped on the top of the bar!

The guitarists were:

Aden Gerrens (Adenland/ Forged) 

Bob Youngs (Liza Woolfe, formerly with Ned Kelly's Ambush/ Menumiteno/Beat the Blues).

Max Ayre (Bell Ayre, formerly with D.C. Wilson)

Stuart Aylmer

(On Bass) Mike Wyatt.