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A departure and an arrival

It is with some sadness I have to report that Bob Stiff has left the Groove Organic. Unfortunately, pressure of work (the kind that pays real money and the bills) has been a bit too much when coupled with the level of travel that the recent run of gigs has required.

Bob spoke to us a month back about the logistical difficulties he was experiencing and expressed his desire to find something more local to satisfy his musical itch, but gallantly offered to keep us going until we could replace him.

Both Fred and I would like to thank Bob for the way he’s gone about the work, with both dedication and good humour. He’s done a very solid job in what has not always been ideal or easy circumstances, and with a lot of material to learn in a very short space of time. He and his wife Sue have been great company and he leaves with our best wishes for his future endeavours.

But now importantly, to new arrivals.

On the evening that Bob expressed his reservations to us, I happened to be playing in a scratch band with an old acquaintance, Tim Nesbitt. Over the past few months our paths had crossed in odd places such as in the audience of an FM gig in Norwich, and that our paths should cross that night was another case of extreme good fortune. We’d played together before (though never ever rehearsed) and had always made a good fist of it.

Tim instantly threw his hat in the ring, and I have to say from the first moment Fred and I jammed with him we knew we wouldn’t be looking any further. We got lucky. Tim has the feel we were looking for and understands the job perfectly.

Tim has been a constant in the local scene for forty years. He’s been a bass player and a guitarist, a band member, a solo artist, and has run successful duos. And like Bob, he’s proof that experience really counts when you have a tough job on - and our set isn’t an easy job for a bass player.

He’s enthusiastically thrown himself into the task over the last three weeks, of learning a two hour set, which has allowed us to put him straight into the gig earlier than we had thought possible.

So from this Friday at the Fox and Hounds Heacham, I have the great pleasure to introduce Mr Tim Nesbitt on bass.

Welcome aboard!