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Ladies and Gentlemen - Introducing Mr Bob Stiff

Back in March when it became apparent that the Groove Organic would need a new bass player, I have to admit that I wasn't hopeful that we'd find a good candidate quickly. Bass players are a rare breed, good ones even rarer.

So you can imagine my surprise then, when on advertising the gig, Fred and I were faced not with famine, but feast, and a very difficult choice. Seven applications narrowed to four on logistics, all four of whom we could clearly work with. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the effort they put in to the auditions.

So enter Mr Bob Stiff, the Groove Organic's new bass player.

Bob Stiff head.jpg

I first came across Bob in the early 90's though I really didn't get to know him at the time. He was playing with Dreamthief, who for those of us who were in the business of playing guitar driven rock music were setting the standard on the local circuit. I was fronting Refugee at the time, we supported Dreamthief a few times at the Reflex club in Bury. When you're learning your trade, playing supports, you always remember the good bands you open for, especially the ones that give you a fair shake. In all honesty I was slightly in awe of them, and saw them many times. They really should have broken through - but timing was probably against them in the age of Grunge.

So fast forward 25 years, when I got an email from Bob, I was actually a bit surprised that he was interested in something that in reality was just starting out, and not really a rock band. But right from the first note of the audition he absolutely locked with Fred, the timing was solid as a rock, and he was a natural fit. And he looked like he was enjoying the music which is absolutely vital.

In a three piece band, everyone has to pitch in - there's more to being a musician than just the music. Bob has over 45 years of experience working in and around bands, in big venues as well as small, and lots of studio hours under the belt. He's also a front of house sound engineer and worked with touring bands - which means that he is stepping seamlessly into the space which Danny held as our sound man.

So we're just about ready for the road, and gigs begin again at the end of June. I hope we'll see you all out at the Fox for Bob's debut, to give him a very warm welcome to the Groove Organic.