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Groove Organic seeks Bass Player

Bass Pic.jpg

Fred and I, after some consideration, have decided not only to carry on with the project for the Groove Organic, but to increase the scope of what we have been trying to achieve.

To do this, we will now require a bass player to come on board as a full time member of the band.

So what are we looking for in a bass player?

Feel, feel and more feel. And taste. This band does what it says on the tin - it's all about the groove.

Backing vocals - nothing too complex, but if you can sing a bit then that really adds something to the band.

You have to be able to improvise, and think on your feet.

You have to have your own transport and gear.

Someone who is willing to become a full member, involved in every aspect of the band.

You'll notice I haven't mentioned age or. I don't care. If you're good enough, you're old enough - or young enough. You've got to have style, and you've got to have energy, and of course you have to fit in and be able to do the job with a smile.

What can we offer a bass player?

Firstly, it's a real opportunity to play bass. You aren't going to be asked to play straight eights often, if ever in this band. We jam tunes out, and that gives a bass player a lot of room. It's a bit like Cream, but with a Hammond organ and a lot of soul/blues/funk tunes.

Variety: we play a real range of stuff, and we give it our own treatment.

The opportunity to be involved in writing and recording. Mostly, in pubs and clubs we're going to play covers because that's what's required. We do it our own way, and put our stamp on it - we don't slavishly recreate anything. But also, we will write and record new music.

A friendly but productive working environment. We're fairly normal and reasonable people (or at least we think we are). We work hard - we care about what we do intensely, and put a lot of energy into both rehearsing and gigging. At the same time, we don't rehearse every week if there's no work to do - we get the set right and we go out and gig it. (We're not going to forget how to play it if we don't play it every week). When we need to change it we go and rehearse that. We don't rehearse it until all the life is sucked out of it!

What do you need to do?

Email us via this website. If you've got links to stuff you've done - videos on Youtube or Soundcloud or anything else - link it in. I'll get straight back in touch with you.

Many thanks.