Soul, Funk, Rock & Blues

So Ends 2017

The first year for the Groove Organic is now drawing to a close. Gigs are finished for the year, and the preparation for next year is already under way.

The year has been a little up and down. Most things haven't turned out as we expected, even the sound of the band is something that has evolved slightly by chance. When we first thought to put something together, it was guitar driven -  a blues rock band, to create a follow up to my 'Notebook' album from 2009. But somehow as we tried to put that together in January, it was obvious that we were just repeating ourselves. I went away to think again.

Bringing in the Hammond Organ in May was a bit of a leap in the dark. I was asking Fred and Danny to show a degree of patience and a great deal of faith. I'm not an experienced Hammond player by any stretch. The pressure of having to learn quickly as I go, has been a great motivator though!


While progress has been in fits and starts, in the end we feel like its been a successful year. With five gigs under our belts we've got the band tried and tested and now we're looking for lots of new venues for 2018.

Response has been warm from venues and audiences. Danny, Fred and I want to thank you all for the help and encouragement over the last few months. Especially in the first couple of gigs, where we were taking a while to hit our stride, it makes a real difference when you have a friendly audience willing to give you a chance. The support and encouragement from other musicians has also been very much appreciated.

Part of the aim of the band as we regrouped in May, was to be able to have a great many of our friends and peers sit in with the band. Being a kind of 'roaming rhythm section' creates great opportunities to invite friends along to play. This came to fruition very quickly with the Fox 'All Star' jam in December. It was such a success (thanks to the guitarists!) that we'll be doing it again next year as the final curtain for the Fox Bands in 2018. But before then, I hope to arrange many more special guests to join us through the year.

We're now going to have a short break from gigging until the end of January to concentrate on writing and adding new songs to the the set. Next year is going to be a big one for us I hope.

So finally, Danny, Fred and I wish you a great Christmas and New Year. For our friends who are still out gigging across the holiday season, good luck and safe journeys.

See you all in 2018!