Soul, Funk, Rock & Blues

Tony Edwards is a multi instrumentalist and vocalist with over 30 years experience in the live environment. Starting out in Jazz as a drummer in the mid 80's, he had his first residency at 15 years old, playing with musicians with proven track records. Soon after, a stint as a rhythm guitarist and piano player in a constantly working UK Showband provided solid working experience.  As he found his voice as a singer, he moved to rock music and as a guitarist and lead vocalist he fronted several bands in the East of England, securing support gigs with top acts such as the Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Magnum.

After a short break in the late 90's, Tony became the on call dep player for a host of local acts, while doubling as a Law student and taking a job in industry. By the early 2000's a commercially successful duo led him back to full time music.

2005 saw the opening of a Teaching Studio on the Norfolk Coast, doubled with an instrument repair workshop. This grew into a full luthiery in 2009, creating fully hand crafted custom designed guitars for clients.

Always a blues enthusiast, a chance encounter with a Dutch Guitarist led to the formation of 'Secret Agent' - a tribute to Irish blues legend Rory Gallagher.

That band ran for three years playing festivals across Ireland, the UK and Netherlands, including the world's largest free music festival, the Matthew Street Festival in Liverpool.

2009 took Tony into the studio to record his Solo album - Notebook. Without a ready band, the album was recorded with just he and an engineer in four days. With encouraging reviews, a band was formed to promote the album and some strong gigs with Skinny Molly and Joanne Shaw Taylor started to build momentum. But this was thwarted when a minor workshop accident left him unable to play for some months, the band broke and the second album remains in the can, largely complete but unreleased.

Looking for a new challenge, Tony swapped to Hammond Organ. Two years of heavy practice, nights sitting in with the Norfolk Blues Society's 'Shunters Band' and a stint in Ned Kelly's Ambush behind the keys led to forming TC3.



Fred Marsh Allen plays drums for TC3.

Fred learned his skills on the road at a very young age, leaving school to go on tour with a well established theatre act at only 16 years old. Three years of touring with Roger Dean's "Johnny Cash Story" was a solid apprenticeship in stagecraft and discipline.

When a temporary spot needed filling in the Tony Edwards Band, Fred stepped in, and quickly became the dep of choice over the next three years, playing several gigs for the outfit.

This made him the natural choice for roots rockers Workhorse, which paired him for the first time with Danny Coyle, a partnership that has solidified over the last three years.

Fred also plays for heavy metal band Smokescreen, showing his huge range. But he's not just a rocker, and has his roots in soul, funk and jazz just as much as in the Country and Rock scenes where he has made his reputation.

Still only in his mid twenties, he is also vastly experienced in musical theatre having been the drummer for numerous productions including Fame, The Wedding Singer and Thoroughly Modern Millie .


Tim Nesbitt has been a bass player since the mid 70’s.

He’s been in local bands in the Kings Lynn area for most of his career, and has also run a successful duo and been a solo artist. He’s in constant demand as a dep player in the local scene with numerous bands, and is also an accomplished guitarist.

Tim joined the band in September 2018.

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